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Video Assignments – Disney Style

For my mash up I used the audio for the Les Miserables trailer and clips from the Disney movie Aladdin to make “A Whole New Les Miserables” Les Miserables is one of my favorite musicals, and while the movie … Continue reading

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A Summer in Washington DC

My original idea for this project was to do a tour of the small town in Italy that I spent the summer two years ago, but it wasn’t available on Google Street View. 😦 So I decided to do a … Continue reading

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We All Struggle With Forward Motion

I wrote a post a while ago about the title of this blog and figured it was time to expand on that and present my actual proposal for the project I’ll be doing this semester. (Of course this has nothing … Continue reading

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Audio Story

Welcome Baby Enjoy this story that Tiffany and I put together for our Digital Storytelling class. 🙂 Credits: Water Splash; Footsteps; Car Door; Car Driving; Chewing Ice; Woman Scream; Man Groan; Slap; Baby Cry; Aww!

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Daily Shoot Highlight Reel

I have greatly enjoyed this assignment. Both the challenge of finding subjects to shoot and the entertainment that was observing my classmates takes on the same prompts. I loved that we all had the same prompt and seeing how differently … Continue reading

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Bangladeshi Boat Bridge

I found this picture of the floating bridge on MSNBC’s Photoblog and thought it was beautiful. The way the boats snake through the water hyacinth which are covering the river originally caught my eye. And then I started to look … Continue reading

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I had an image picked out for today of a bunch of puppets in a trunk but then I got home and saw the mess that was our sink. So I took some more pictures and thought that this one … Continue reading

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