Daily Shoot Highlight Reel

I have greatly enjoyed this assignment. Both the challenge of finding subjects to shoot and the entertainment that was observing my classmates takes on the same prompts. I loved that we all had the same prompt and seeing how differently everybody interpreted the concept. For my last post on this specific assignment I have chosen my favorite shots from each day.

Foliage in Light

Day 1: Foliage: Courtesy of Jenn. I love the way the light hits the top of the photo and cascades down the plant.

Fruits of Fall

Day 2: Complementary: Courtesy of Lindsay. I thought this picture was so cute and clever. For this prompt I feel like I saw a lot of pictures with two sizes of the same object and this one stood out to me because it was so different.

Burts I

Day 3: Talisman: Also courtesy of Lindsay. First of all I’m a sucker for a good black and white picture. Secondly, I found beauty in the simplicity and natural ease of this shot.


Day 4: Soft: Courtesy of Brian. This picture was absolutely incredible. While running water isn’t something I would normally consider to be soft, I think the way that the water falls off of fountain changes my mind. There’s something about the ease of the water’s movement that contradicts the hardness of the fountain and I think that’s a very clever way to depict the concept of soft.

Daily Shoot: Mirror

Day 5: Mirror: Courtesy of Jenn. I thought this was really clever. I like how the mirror is at the bottom of the frame but because of the contrast of colors you’re still drawn to it as the focal point of the shot.

Treasure Chest

Day 6: Chaos: Courtesy of Lindsay. The bright colors, the incredible variety of objects in the shot. I think Lindsay did an excellent job of capturing the beauty in this chaos.


Day 7: Symmetry: Courtesy of Gretchen. I love libraries. And I love this idea of the corner shot to capture symmetry. I’m also really intrigued by how both the bookshelves and the railing are displaying symmetry in this shot.


Day 8: Books: Courtesy of Ashley. I like that all the books are at different angles – it seems very carefree and natural. I also like the variety of color seen in this shot due to all the different books.

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One Response to Daily Shoot Highlight Reel

  1. Claire says:

    I see we made some similar choices as to our favorite shots. I still don’t understand the fountain picture-the prompt was soft, right?

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