Video Assignments – Disney Style

For my mash up I used the audio for the Les Miserables trailer and clips from the Disney movie Aladdin to make “A Whole New Les Miserables”

Les Miserables is one of my favorite musicals, and while the movie is not nearly as epic as the musical, it was a bit easier to use the trailer. I chose to mash the audio with clips from Aladdin because I remembered the scene where Aladdin steals the loaf of bread, and that was Jean Valjean originally arrested for. I used Aladdin as my Valjean and went from there. Enjoy!

For my video commentary I did Pocahontas because it the first movie I remember seeing in theaters and it is still one of my favorite Disney movies to this day.

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A Summer in Washington DC

My original idea for this project was to do a tour of the small town in Italy that I spent the summer two years ago, but it wasn’t available on Google Street View. 😦 So I decided to do a narrative of my time spent in DC this summer. Enjoy!

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We All Struggle With Forward Motion

I wrote a post a while ago about the title of this blog and figured it was time to expand on that and present my actual proposal for the project I’ll be doing this semester. (Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that it’s an assignment for this class 😉 )

This is my last semester at Mary Washington. And I have NO CLUE what I’m going to be doing after I graduate in December.  So for the remainder of the semester, as I attempt to figure out what the rest of my life is going to look like, I plan to use this blog to provide a commentary on the transition between college and the “real world”. Not MTV’s Real World (although…I guess that could always be an option for life post graduation…if I get really desperate…) but the real world where I have to have a job with benefits. Where I have to think about things like health care and saving for retirement (you know, since I’ve been told the money I’ve payed to FICA is never going to make its way back to me in the form of Social Security). And I’m supposed to be thinking about all these things while I’m trying to make the most of my last few months here – both academically and socially.

That being said, I have no desire to sit here and write exclusively about my life. Because really, that’s just not necessary. However, I am hoping that my experiences in this transition stage will provide me with an interesting view on this process, that maybe, if I am smart and clever enough, I can extrapolate into a commentary that is interesting and entertaining for a variety of people.

I personally believe that writing is a wonderful form of communication – and probably my favorite, so I’m a bit biased. But I also realize that if I sit here and simply write my thoughts I could be wasting a huge opportunity with this blog. Because I am so biased towards words, I often forget the power behind things like images and sound. But through the work we’ve been doing in this class the past few weeks I have been reminded of how a picture really can be worth 1000 words and how simple sounds can tell a story more eloquently and effectively than a narrative.

So. In an effort to make the most of this digital space and keep me from rambling too much, here is what I propose. At least three times a week I will check in here and provide some sort of commentary on where I am in the process of preparing for the real world. However. One of those posts each week will be a post where I do not use my words. Whether its a picture, an audio clip, or if I get really ambitious, a video clip, I will avoid using my written words for at least one post a week. I know – after reading this post you’re probably thinking there’s no way this girl can keep quiet for an entire post. I’m a bit skeptical myself. But wish me luck!!

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Audio Story

Welcome Baby

Enjoy this story that Tiffany and I put together for our Digital Storytelling class. 🙂


Water Splash; Footsteps; Car Door; Car Driving; Chewing Ice; Woman Scream; Man Groan; Slap; Baby Cry; Aww!

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Daily Shoot Highlight Reel

I have greatly enjoyed this assignment. Both the challenge of finding subjects to shoot and the entertainment that was observing my classmates takes on the same prompts. I loved that we all had the same prompt and seeing how differently everybody interpreted the concept. For my last post on this specific assignment I have chosen my favorite shots from each day.

Foliage in Light

Day 1: Foliage: Courtesy of Jenn. I love the way the light hits the top of the photo and cascades down the plant.

Fruits of Fall

Day 2: Complementary: Courtesy of Lindsay. I thought this picture was so cute and clever. For this prompt I feel like I saw a lot of pictures with two sizes of the same object and this one stood out to me because it was so different.

Burts I

Day 3: Talisman: Also courtesy of Lindsay. First of all I’m a sucker for a good black and white picture. Secondly, I found beauty in the simplicity and natural ease of this shot.


Day 4: Soft: Courtesy of Brian. This picture was absolutely incredible. While running water isn’t something I would normally consider to be soft, I think the way that the water falls off of fountain changes my mind. There’s something about the ease of the water’s movement that contradicts the hardness of the fountain and I think that’s a very clever way to depict the concept of soft.

Daily Shoot: Mirror

Day 5: Mirror: Courtesy of Jenn. I thought this was really clever. I like how the mirror is at the bottom of the frame but because of the contrast of colors you’re still drawn to it as the focal point of the shot.

Treasure Chest

Day 6: Chaos: Courtesy of Lindsay. The bright colors, the incredible variety of objects in the shot. I think Lindsay did an excellent job of capturing the beauty in this chaos.


Day 7: Symmetry: Courtesy of Gretchen. I love libraries. And I love this idea of the corner shot to capture symmetry. I’m also really intrigued by how both the bookshelves and the railing are displaying symmetry in this shot.


Day 8: Books: Courtesy of Ashley. I like that all the books are at different angles – it seems very carefree and natural. I also like the variety of color seen in this shot due to all the different books.

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Bangladeshi Boat Bridge

I found this picture of the floating bridge on MSNBC’s Photoblog and thought it was beautiful. The way the boats snake through the water hyacinth which are covering the river originally caught my eye. And then I started to look at each person walking across that bridge and saw a new story in each face. I like that this picture isn’t focused on one person and you can’t quite read each face but you have to look at everything together. For a brief moment in time the lives of each person on that bridge cross and this picture captures that exact moment. It’s pretty neat to think about.

I also really enjoyed the entire concept of the photoblog. The idea of getting news through pictures is pretty powerful. There are a bunch of awesome images on that site and I suggest checking it out. If I blogged about every image that stuck out to me, this post would never end, but here are a few other favorites:

And I could go on, but I’ll let you explore for yourself!

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I had an image picked out for today of a bunch of puppets in a trunk but then I got home and saw the mess that was our sink. So I took some more pictures and thought that this one looked really cool. I can honestly say that I’m not entirely sure what’s in that mug. This was before I put dish soap in and actually did the dishes. So that white foamy stuff is not soap…gross.

Runner up puppets:

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